Software Solutions Profile

Software Solutions Profile
  1. ADOTPHR-Human Resource Management System with
    • Personnel Information Manager
    • Leave Management System
    • Recruitment Module
    • Performance Management and Appraisals
    • Training and Skills Inventory Module
    • Disciplinary Module
    • Vehicle Mileage Track Module
    • Health Insurance Modules
    • Assets Tracker
    • Payroll Management System.
    • Business Cards and Contacts Manager.
  2. ADOTPINVENT-Inventory System with a Point Of Sale
  3. ADOTPPAYROLL– KRA Compliant payroll System
  4. ADOTPSACCOSYS-KUSCO Approved Sacco Management System
  5. ADOTPSCF-Supply Chain Financing Solution
  6. ADOTPHOSP-Hospital Management System
  7. ADOTPSMARTLAW-Legal Management System
  8. ADOTPSIS-School Management System.
  9. ADOTPOPEN-ERP-An adopted and highly customized ERP
  10. ADOTPCMS-Web Development Content Manager
  11. ADOTPACCsoft-An Accounting System.
  12. ADOTPCRM-Customer Relationship Management System
  13. ADOTPM&E-Monitoring and Evaluation System
  14. ADOTPGaragesys-Vehicle repair and service work flow automation with accounts