Environmental Policy

As a responsible corporate entity, ADOTP is committed to protecting the environment in compliance with the environmental laws and the practices of the communities where it operates.

While pursuing our activities we endeavour to minimise any adverse impact on air, water and land by means of pollution prevention and energy and water conservation. By doing so, we achieve cost savings,

an increased operational efficiency, improved quality of products and services and ultimately, a safe environment for the community as a whole and a healthy workplace for our employees.

Our commitment is summarized to the following principles:

  • Application of good environmental practices globally;
    • Consideration of the environmental impact within the processes of development and engineering of our services/products;
    • Prevention of pollution by responsible management of materials, reduction of emissions and waste and efficient use of energy and natural resources;
    • Promotion of the idea of environmental responsibility among our employees; they are trained in managing their environmental responsibilities, dealing with day-to-day actions to help in preserving a healthy environment and reacting to environmental emergencies;
    • Monitoring of our environmental performance and setting measurable objectives and targets for achieving sustainable improvement;
    • Communicating with our employees and local communities regarding our environmental commitment and performance; and

Regular audits of our procedures to ensure conformance to our policy